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All information held on your child is highly confidential and kept within secure lockable storage areas.  Information access is restricted to authorised staff.

You have the right to request to see all details held on your child and we must comply within 1 month of request.

We are required to hold all information on your child for up to 2 years after your child has left our service and up to 20 years for accident information.  Information that is over 2 years old will be disposed of in a safe and secure manner by shredding and all electronic files will be securely deleted.

All consent must be given freely by a parent or guardian and parents/guardians have the right to opt out of this consent as any time.

The information that we hold on your child is as follows:

Pupil Records - Child’s Name, Date of Birth, Address, Parent/Guardian Information, Emergency Contacts, Child’s Attendance, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Accident/Incident Information and Absence Information, consent forms, Health Information, Doctors Information, Allergies and Care Plans,. 

Profile Folders which consist of Child Observations, Outside Agencies Information (Psychological Services, Social Work Department, Speech and Language etc if appropriate), Medication Information, All About Me Information, Children Under 3 - 3 monthly reports, GIRFEC Plans/Care Plans, Transition Reports, Referral Forms and Multi Agency Reports .

We also keep fees and payments information.

Confidential medical information and care plans are kept and show personal details, doctor’s name, address, symptoms and treatment needed.

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